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Barista Booking.com

Want to be the face of the espresso bar in the Booking.com restaurant?

Amsterdam | Noord-Holland

Wie zijn wij?

VERMAAT tailors its catering concepts to businesses, hospitals, museums, universities, professional schools, airports, and events. VERMAAT also develops its own brand for the catering and retail industries. VERMAAT stands for solid partnerships, personal attention and good relationships, customized work for its clients, creativity, culinary craftsmanship, and professional teams. We do all this with the utmost attention for people and the environment. VERMAAT’s core values are enthusiasm, growth, attention, and pride. These aren’t just words – they shape our behaviour! You can recognize VERMAAT employees by their personality and the way they do things for themselves and others.

Waar bijt jij je in vast?

With about 2.500 lunch guests, Booking.com is VERMAAT’s biggest company restaurant partner in downtown Amsterdam. We provide restaurant services for this international company across multiple locations. From cream of tomato soup to delicious Indian curries and vitello tonnato: we make it all! But we also operate the espresso bar, and you can be our ambassador.
You’ll make the most beautiful cups of coffee with enthusiasm and creativity. You can make flawless latte macchiatos or double espressos. Your excellent communication skills really make every beverage an experience for our guests. Latte art is either nothing new to you, or you can’t wait to learn it. You keep a clean and tidy workspace and it goes without saying you know the HACCP principles.

Wie ben je?

  • You’re a certified barista or would like to become one. You have at least some experience making beautiful coffee.
  • The desire for customer satisfaction is in your genes.
  • You’re open, direct, and have great communication skills.
  • You’re flexible, can work 16-40 hours per week, and are available during office hours.
  • You live in or near Amsterdam.

Wat bieden wij jou?

Do you want to achieve your maximum potential? Never stop growing? Then VERMAAT is the place for you; we’ll give you room to develop and appropriate compensation. We make time regularly to talk about your growth. What else do you want to learn? What do you want to achieve? Think about growing to a role with even more responsibilities. VERMAAT helps you achieve your dreams. Your growth never stops.


Can you convince us with your track record, but above all with your personality and drive? Reach out to us directly using the application button.
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